DTR Road Course League

Starting soon, I will be holding a DTR league exclusively for the Road Courses.

There are both Dirt and Asphault Courses Below is a tentative schedule, the day and time will be determined soon.
Qualifying will be based on the best lap times turned in a pre-race qualifying session of 10 laps. All cars will be on the track during this time similar to a Trans- Am format Qualifying session. If more than 10 drivers show up for the race, we will hold 2 qualifying sessions and the top 10 will race.
These tracks are currently available or will be the week before the race from http://nosenseyet.gmrws.com.
1. High Speed Ring
30 laps
2. Rally Road
30 laps
3. Flatrock
25 laps
4. The Dam Track
15 laps
5. Rolling Road
20 laps
6. City Track
15 laps
7. DTR Road
15 laps
8. Devils Elbow Reverse
15 laps
9. Limerock Park
40 laps
10. Bonus Track
To Be Determined