9-7--05 Nosenseyet Races at Pocono! My first real race in my Spec Miata.

1-22-05 DE2 import/export macro tutorial This utility and tutorial will help determined editors modify and save DE2 files.

1-22-05 2005 Nextel Cup Skins for NR2003 Original skins for 2005 Nextel Cup Season.

1-4-05 DTR - DTR2 Lap Tracking Tutorial For everyone with way too much time on your hands.

1-1-05 2005 DTR2cupcar skins added Check once in a while, I'm adding 2k5 skins as I have the time.


DTR2 Supermodified

By request, here is the winged supermod for DTR2.


DTR2 80's Modified

By request, here is the precursor to the 358 mods for DTR2.

7-4-04 DTR2 Bristol Dragstrip By request, here are the DTR Bristol Dragstrip for DTR2.

7-4-04 DTR2 Dragsters By request, here are the DTR Dragsters for DTR2.

2-5-04 DTR2 Go Cart By request, here is the DTR Go Cart for DTR2.

2-5-04 DTR2 Dirt Bike Ok so its hard to drive, but it looks good!

2-5-04 DTRSC - Peakview Converted from DTR2. Must have 32mb video ram to run, sorry.

2-5-04 DTRSC - Bloomington Converted from DTR2. Must have 32mb video ram to run, sorry.

11-17-03 DTR - Parkside Converted from DTR2. Thanks to Paul Byrnes for the Modified DE2 files and AI convertor.

9-28-03 DTR - 3 Mile Track Sick or those darn Short Tracks? Well this will cure you! By request, it's a three mile dirt track.

9-28-03 DTR ROAD COURSE MADNESS!!! If you like Lime Rock Watkins Glen or Gran Turismo's Grand Valley, click that link! 2 have working AI!.

8-14-03 Top Fuel Dragster Patch OOPS! This file will fix the error in the DE2 that causes the top fuel dragster to look like a flying mess.

8-14-03 DTRBristol Dragway My tribute to the flat and fast 1/4 mile at Bristol TN.

8-6-03 DTR Top Fuel and Rail Dragsters Two new chassis to go with the first one. These are a little more accurate and to scale.

8-1-03 Slimehole Added the DTR version of this track from Powerslide, see if you can find the fastest way around the slime.

8-1-03 FOX AND HOUND Added the DTR version of this track from Powerslide. The AI and lap tracking work, but you will probably want to explore.

7-31-03 DTR Dragster 25000 horses and no traction on the front wheels.

7-31-03 DTR Drag Strip Your wish is my command,this track and the chassis above by request. This will only work well online. There is no way to complete a lap, so you figure out who the winner is.

7-30-03 DTR2 Daytona AI Patch Use this patch to fix the AI so you can run DTR Daytona in DTR2 offline.

7-20-03 DTR2 IMCA Mod This is an all new car, not just a conversion of the DTR chassis.

7-20-03 DTR NY Flying 8 Added the DTR version of the track if you like to jump....JUMP THIS.

7-19-03 DTR2 Tracks Added These tracks will work on and offline BBR SMASHDOME - DEMO FIELD - BREWERTON FIGURE 8 - NY FLYING 8!

7-12-03 DTR Dirt Bike Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, that's all i can say!

7-10-03 DTR Road Course League News!!!! Nosenseyet is starting a DTR Road Course league.!

4-28-03 DTR2cupcar skins added Jerry Nadeau Camoflage, Bobby Labonte 2k3 revised, Jeff Gordon Wright Brothers, John Andretti-Pillsbury, Adam Petty 1999 Spree and Jeff Burton 2000 Exide

2-28-03 Nascar Racing 2k2 Jeff Burton 2003 Citgo skin And Nascar Racing 2003 Ricky Rudd skin I looked for these skins everywhere but couldnt find them, so I painted them!

2-27-03 DTR2 Cup Car . Click Here for new skins or download from BH Motorsports. This chassis was originally converted from DTR to DTR2 by Travis P. using my DTR1 cup car. I moved and resized the wheels so that the car would look right in DTR2!

2-21-03 DTR 2 Demo Wagon runs in it's own class on and off-line.

2-20-03 Pro-Stock Cup Car for DTR. This chassis by request, will run with the prostocks on and off-line. The DE2 has been cleaned up a little too!

2-19-03 Thunder Valley Speedway for DTR.3/8 mile, 12 degrees and don't forget to go to the inspection building before the race!

2-16-03 1970 MOD Squareback I added the squareback 70 mod for DTR2.

2-12-03 1970 MODS For DTR2 I have been asked a million times to make a 70 mod for DTR2, so I did. Slideshow

1-26-03 Posted NCBR Speedway. High banks and Texas just seem to go together.

12-16-02 Posted Outlaw Motorsports Park. Check out the teflon dome, the front stretch moat and, if your lucky, Winners Circle!

11-22-02 Posted my first DTR Road Course with working AI. Flatrock Park. Yes you can race the computer off-line. You should always win, since they always get the black flag, but its my first try, so it will get better.

11-11-02 DRT-Nosense-CMS drove really fast at LIMEROCK, Ct. Turned both left and right, many times over 80 laps. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

10-29-02 DRT-Pusher-NAM and DRT-Nosense-CMS and kids spent the weekend in Watkins Glen, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

10-19-02 Patch for DTR2 Talledega Short Track AI is now available for everyone who is sick of watching the AI cars run into the front stretch wall!!!

10-16-02 Added the Favorite Tracks Poll, VOTE, VOTE VOTE!!!

10-11-02 NR2002 skins page added today, all original skins!!!

10-10-02 DTR2 Tracks page added today, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

10-1-02 New Format for DTR Tracks page.